Here are 5 reasons to hire unarmed mall security guards

unarmed mall security guardsA security guard promotes safety and security within the premises. They ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone. If you are an owner of a shopping mall, it’s essential that you hire a reputable security guard. In this blog, we’ll argue that you should hire unarmed mall security guards from Affordable Security Guards, Inc.

Here are 5 reasons unarmed mall security guards just make sense:

1. They can monitor and protect property, stores, and customers

Security guards promote lawful behavior in shopping malls. Their presence in the mall will help everyone—from shop owners to shoppers—feel safer. The guard will patrol the area on foot to secure the building, look for disturbances, and maintain order. They will monitor the behavior of the individuals within the malls to ensure no one is breaking the law. They will lock and unlock the doors, monitor the area using surveillance camera, and report suspicious behaviors.

2. They can make criminals think twice

Security guards prevent crimes before they take place. They are on a lookout for suspicious behaviors. If any suspicious activity is detected, they will take appropriate and timely action to deter crime. Having security guards on the premises sends a negative signal to the criminals that they are not welcome. They can alert the local police force in case a crime is detected.

3. Provide emergency services and call authorities

Another benefit of hiring unarmed mall security guards is that they provide emergency services inside the premises if required. The security guards can respond to a medical emergency and provide first aid or call the nearest hospital.

They professional maintain radio communication with other security personnel on the premises. They can also submit verbal and written reports to company supervisors, as well as medical and law enforcement agencies.

4. Help customers and promote a friendly and safe environment

Security guards not just ensure security in the mall. They can also assist customers in finding the front desk or the right location. They can escort the customers to the parking area during the night. This customer service can help improve the reputation of the mall as a safe, family-friendly place.

5. Create a safe environment

Hiring security guards can help ensure safety and security of the shoppers and the shop owners. Professional guards genuinely care for the well-being of the individuals. They remain alert to any threat and perform necessary activities to deter crime.

Call Affordable Security Guards to hire unarmed mall security guards in Phoenix, AZ

When hiring security guards, make sure that you and the company providing the security guards are on the same page regarding roles and responsibilities of the guard. Consider selecting a professional company that has a team of highly trained and experienced security guards.

If you reside in Phoenix metro area, call Affordable Security Guards. We have a team of highly experienced and licensed security guards who can ensure perfect order within the shopping mall.

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