Office building security guards are a good way to protect your business

office building security guardsOffice building security guards matter. Every business owner strives to keep their property, assets, and employees safe from harm. Keeping the office secured and safely just makes business sense.

You can secure your office in several different ways. Here are some of the most effective ways in which you can secure the office premises.

#1. Most effective: Hiring office building security guards

You should consider hiring office building security guards to ensure maximum security in your office building. The presence of security guards on the premises provides a sense of safety to your employees. They also act as a deterrent to crimes such as theft and vandalism. By hiring an unarmed security guard, you will help prevent the destruction of property and other liability.

Unarmed security guards are a good fit for office building security. Here at Affordable Security Guards, our security guards are fully trained by the Arizona Guard Card program and are backed by a fully licensed and trusted company. Don’t just trust anyone with your office building security needs.

#2. Install a high-quality video surveillance system

A video surveillance system will help you or the unarmed security guards you hire monitor the area for signs of intruders. The video camera should be installed both inside and outside of the office. The cameras will deter theft by intruders, customers, or employees.

Consider buying a surveillance system with motion sensors and integrated alarms. This will ensure that suspicious activities are dealt with immediately without resulting in any loss for the company.

#3. Install security contacts

Installing security contacts at the doors and windows will also help deter intruders from entering your office building. The magnetic contacts will sound an alarm whenever someone opens the doors or windows. The contacts can be installed on the connecting points of the doors and windows.

#4. Install security keypads

Another way you can secure your office building is by installing security keypads at the entrance. Only those employees that enter the right key combination or possess an office card can enter the office.

You should consider installing keypads that allow two-way communication. In this way, a security guard that is stationed inside can speak directly to the person to verify identity.

#5. Install high-quality locks

When it comes to securing your office building, you should not compromise on the window and door locks. Consider installing high-quality locks that offer maximum security. Avoid purchasing ordinary locks that can be picked easily or broken by an intruder.

For unarmed security guards in the Phoenix area, call Affordable Security Guards

The five tips above are just some of the most effective ways in which you can secure the office building. If you want to hire professional security guards for your office in Phoenix metro area, you can contact us at Affordable Security Guards. We have a team of licensed and highly trained security guards.

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