How to find good hospital security guards

Hospital Security GuardsHiring hospital security guards is not optional anymore in the United States. The rising crime rate and gun violence in different cities across the country has made it important for every corporate entity to hire security guards, even in hospitals and other medical facilities.

A trained and experienced security guard can act as a deterrent to acts of violence, protecting lives of individuals. They can also protect property, sensitive medical files, and potentially hazardous medical supplies.

Here are some tips that can help you to hire the right security guard in a hospital or clinic.

1. The experience and training of the guard

The foremost thing that you should consider when hiring a hospital security guard is the experience of the guard.

There is no point hiring a guard who has just switched careers from being a plumber or an electrician. The person would probably not have the skills or training to spot and deter potential crimes, or to protect hospital property.

Hospital security guards should have experience and training. For this reason, consider hiring armed guards in Phoenix who are trained by Arizona Guard Card training program. Arizona Guard Card certified guards are experienced and have training in unarmed security and securing your medical facility.

2. Full background check

Another important tip when hiring hospital security guards is to ensure that the person has been properly vetted through a strict background check. One way to ensure this is done right is to get your guards from a vetted and trusted security guard company like ours.

For instance, we’ll make sure that the guard does not have any history of drugs or charged with a crime. The guard should have a respectable background and the proper training to be on the job.

3. Consider whether you want unarmed or armed guards

Armed versus unarmed guards is a valid debate when it comes to hiring hospital security guards for the hospital. Some people favor armed guards in that it provides better security.

However, unarmed guards are probably a better fit for medical facilities and hospitals. You want your patients to feel safe and secure, but not uncomfortable. Hospitals are a place of peace and healing, and armed guards may make people nervous. Unarmed guards strike a good balance of reasonable protection and security while keeping people at ease.

The bottom line on hospital security guards

Unarmed security guards are a good idea for hospitals and other medical facilities. Stick to these three ideas when hiring, and you’ll be sure to find the right guard for your practice.

In case you are interested in hiring a security guard for a clinic in Phoenix metro area, you should contact us at Affordable Security Guards.

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