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Why you should hire guards trained by Arizona Guard Card

What sets Affordable Security Guards apart from other security guard companies in the Valley is the training our employees receive through the Arizona Guard Card program. Simply put: it’s one of the best training programs in the Phoenix metro and the state of Arizona.

In this blog post, we’ll review three reasons you should hire trained guards instead of untrained guards.

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Arizona Guard Card

A trained security guard knows the right decision to make in various scenarios.

#1. It’s the law

In the state of Arizona, a security guard company like ours needs to have all guards certified, trained, and registered before they can start work. This includes unarmed guards. Before you start work with any security guard company here in Phoenix, be sure to ask about their certifications and registrations.

This state requirement includes an 8-hour unarmed training course that all security guards must complete. The Arizona Guard Card program puts our security guards to the test through our training program, which is taught by true professionals and experts in the world of unarmed security.

#2. Good guards make all the difference

When a crime happens on your property, having a trained (and experienced) security guard can be a true difference-maker. Let’s explore why in this example:

You’re responsible for a construction project where, because of the nature of the project, potentially valuable tools and equipment need to be left on-site each and every night. Because of this, you’ve hired a security guard company to watch the property.

Early in the morning, a couple of shady looking characters enter the construction site and begin picking up equipment.

What the untrained security guard might do:

An untrained security guard might decide to directly confront them. Depending on the circumstances, this might be a bad idea: the guard might be inadvertently tipping the thieves off without backup, allowing them to get away with valuable goods. The guard could also set off a chase through the dangerous construction site where someone could get hurt. In a worst-case scenario, if the robbers are armed, the guard’s life could be in danger.

What the trained security guard might do:

A trained security guard, such as the ones at Affordable Security Guards, have the expertise needed to make a better call. Depending on the exact circumstances, the guard will probably call the police in the above scenario, so that the authorities can apprehend thieves without direct confrontation between the guard and the criminals. Then, the guard will write a detailed report that can assist in any police investigation and the recovery of stolen property.

It’s that kind of judgment call that makes the guards at Affordable Security Guards—trained by the Arizona Guard Card program—the best choice to work with your business.

#3. You don’t have to pay more for trained guards

Here’s the best part about guards trained through the Arizona Guard Card program: true to the name of our company, you’re not going to pay more for trained guards than you’d otherwise pay for untrained guards from another company. So, for the same price, why not get expertly trained guards?

Call us for Arizona Guard Card trained guards for your business

You don’t have to settle for untrained guards. By working with Arizona Guard Card, you’ll get some of the best unarmed security guards in the state, trained by the best guard training program in the state.

Learn more about our security guards, and contact us by giving us a call at (623) 428-2308

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