5 benefits of having security guards look after your construction site

Unfortunately, construction sites can be enticing targets for vandals and thieves, since valuable equipment and tools are left on the site for days at a time, and there are few people around at night. Your construction company can incur a great loss if intruders steal or damage equipment, machinery, or other items.

That’s why you should consider having an unarmed security guard protect your construction site during the off-hours.

5 Benefits of Having Security Guards Look after Your Construction SiteHere’s why: a construction site that is guarded by security guards is less likely to be targeted by the thieves and vandals. In fact, here are five benefits of hiring unarmed 24/7 security guards for your construction site.

1. Monitoring the area

Construction site security guards can patrol the property, control room operations, and respond to alarms instantly. They can make sure that the security equipment within the premises is in good condition. This will bolster your security.

Construction site security guards greatly reduce the risk of crime on the premises.

2. Create a security report

Apart from patrolling the area, construction site guards can create security reports. The reports cover all the incidents that occurred during their routine patrol. In the event of a crime, this information will prove invaluable when carrying out the investigation.

3. Ensure authorized entry only

Construction site security guards can ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the site. This proves invaluable, particularly when working on dangerous sites. By preventing unauthorized entry, construction site security guards greatly reduce the risk of injury or death at the high-risk site.

Guards can constantly monitor the gate and take instant action to avoid unauthorized entry.

4. Provide a sense of security

One of the main benefits of hiring a security guard is that they offer a sense of security and a peace of mind, not just to the business owner, but for vendors, customers, and employees. The employees will work more productively when they don’t have to worry about their safety.

On a construction site, the presence of unarmed security guards will help everyone feel at ease.

5. Instant action to deter crime

Security guards are trained to react quickly to emergencies. Their quick actions can help prevent a situation from getting out of control at the work site.

Choose construction site security guards from Affordable

On a final note, you should only hire security guards from a reputable company. This will ensure that the guard behaves sensibly and responsibly when performing their duties.

If you need to hire experienced and trained security guards in the Phoenix metro, get in contact with us. Our Arizona Guard Card-trained construction site security guards are ready for any assignment.

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