Why business security guards matter

business security guards

Think your business isn’t at risk of crime? While traditional targets like banks and retails stores still need business security guards, a wider spectrum of businesses—from office buildings to construction sites—need security guards to prevent crimes and problems.

Unarmed security guards can deter crimes from occurring and make everyone feel more safe. If you’re a business owner, you should strongly consider hiring business security guards for on-site protection.

In this article, we will reveal some of the benefits of hiring experienced security guards from here at Affordable Security Guards.

#1. Business security guards help provide peace of mind

Security guards can provide peace of mind to not only you as the business owner, but also to customers and employees. Everyone can rest assured that the premises of the business are secure.

Hiring a guard is especially important if your business deals with costly merchandise, or your office is located in a high-crime area. Having a security guard as part of your team can deter crime, and help everyone feel more safe.

#2. Unarmed security guards can be the first to call the authorities

Experienced security guards have the ability to sense impending trouble. They remain on constant alert and can act quickly to avert or call in a crisis. In most cases, the mere presence of an unarmed guard will deter criminal activity.

However, in the case that they don’t, the security guard will be the first to call in the situation to the authorities, remaining calm under pressure and providing the police with needed details that can help prevent losses of both property and safety.

#3. Guards can enforce office rules and regulations

A security guard does not just act like a sentinel looking out for and diffusing dangerous situations. A trained guard can also enforce office rules laid out by the business owner. The security guard can search visitors before granting entry and also prevent the entry of unauthorized personnel.

In short, our unarmed guards help ensure that the official rules and regulations are enforced on the premises.

Hire business security guards from Affordable Security Guards

If you want to hire security guards for your office in Phoenix metro area, you should get in touch with us at Affordable Security Guards.

Office building security guards are a good way to protect your business

office building security guardsOffice building security guards matter. Every business owner strives to keep their property, assets, and employees safe from harm. Keeping the office secured and safely just makes business sense.

You can secure your office in several different ways. Here are some of the most effective ways in which you can secure the office premises.

#1. Most effective: Hiring office building security guards

You should consider hiring office building security guards to ensure maximum security in your office building. The presence of security guards on the premises provides a sense of safety to your employees. They also act as a deterrent to crimes such as theft and vandalism. By hiring an unarmed security guard, you will help prevent the destruction of property and other liability.

Unarmed security guards are a good fit for office building security. Here at Affordable Security Guards, our security guards are fully trained by the Arizona Guard Card program and are backed by a fully licensed and trusted company. Don’t just trust anyone with your office building security needs.

#2. Install a high-quality video surveillance system

A video surveillance system will help you or the unarmed security guards you hire monitor the area for signs of intruders. The video camera should be installed both inside and outside of the office. The cameras will deter theft by intruders, customers, or employees.

Consider buying a surveillance system with motion sensors and integrated alarms. This will ensure that suspicious activities are dealt with immediately without resulting in any loss for the company.

#3. Install security contacts

Installing security contacts at the doors and windows will also help deter intruders from entering your office building. The magnetic contacts will sound an alarm whenever someone opens the doors or windows. The contacts can be installed on the connecting points of the doors and windows.

#4. Install security keypads

Another way you can secure your office building is by installing security keypads at the entrance. Only those employees that enter the right key combination or possess an office card can enter the office.

You should consider installing keypads that allow two-way communication. In this way, a security guard that is stationed inside can speak directly to the person to verify identity.

#5. Install high-quality locks

When it comes to securing your office building, you should not compromise on the window and door locks. Consider installing high-quality locks that offer maximum security. Avoid purchasing ordinary locks that can be picked easily or broken by an intruder.

For unarmed security guards in the Phoenix area, call Affordable Security Guards

The five tips above are just some of the most effective ways in which you can secure the office building. If you want to hire professional security guards for your office in Phoenix metro area, you can contact us at Affordable Security Guards. We have a team of licensed and highly trained security guards.

Here are 4 common misconceptions about security guards

X Common Misconceptions about Security GuardsMovies and TV shows can influence the way we think about things and the way we view the world—often without us knowing it. Security is no exception. In this article, we’ll discuss 4 common misconceptions about security guards.

What are the misconceptions about security guards, and where do they come from?

When many people think about security guards, they go in one of two directions: either the stereotype of the bumbling, incompetent mall cop, or the portrayal of slick super-spy security personnel in many Hollywood movies.

Others think that security guards are only required in bars and clubs to avoid brawls at night. However, this is one of the biggest  misconceptions about security guards. They are not just hired in industries where there is high risk of fights.

In fact, security guards can be hired for protecting any kind of premises including construction sites, shopping malls, educational institutes, shops, offices, and even residential complexes.

Myth#1: Security guards are not trained

Here’s the facts: the security guards at Affordable Security Guards have formal, unarmed training from Arizona Guard Card that allows them to deal with a variety of situations and scenarios. They know how to react, who to call, and how to take detailed reports. It’s wrong to assume that they’re not ready to guard a property just because of the way guards are depicted on TV.

Myth #2: Security guards only deal with crime, and that’s it

The reality is that security guards perform many other services apart from deterring crime. They not only provide first aid in case of an emergency, but also call ambulances, assist elderly individuals, and much more.

Of course, a guard giving directions to a lost customer or helping an elderly woman cross the street doesn’t make for great TV, so it makes sense why many shows would rather depict a tense break-in situation. Still: guards can fulfill a variety of functions.

Myth #3: Security guards don’t really deter criminals

Another misconception regarding security guards is that they can’t deter armed break-ins. The truth is that the presence of even one security guard can often make criminals think twice about their target.

That’s because the ideal situation for a criminal is for them to commit their action both speedily and undetected. A security guard raises the stakes and makes it less likely that they’ll be able to get away before the police arrive.

A good and trained security guard—like those here at Affordable Security Guards—knows to immediately call in criminal activity to the authorities. In doing so, the criminals know that whatever plan they have has been changed by the imminent arrival of the police. It’s a game-changer.

Myth #4: The cost of hiring security guards is so high that only the extremely wealthy can afford them

Think about what kind of companies or people have security guards in movies. It’s typically the wealthy or well-connected.

This depiction cannot be further from the truth. A lot of security guard companies provide affordable services—just like ours! In fact, the cost of security personnel is affordable for most small business owners.

The benefits of hiring security guards, however, far outweigh the costs. And that’s not always something they explore in the movies!

Call Affordable Security Guards for all your security guard needs

The reality—and not one of the misconceptions about security guards—is that security guards play an important role in ensuring a safe environment for people and property. The presence of security guards provides peace of mind to employees and customers. In case you want to hire unarmed security guards in the Phoenix metro area, you can contact Affordable Security Guards.

Why you should hire guards trained by Arizona Guard Card

What sets Affordable Security Guards apart from other security guard companies in the Valley is the training our employees receive through the Arizona Guard Card program. Simply put: it’s one of the best training programs in the Phoenix metro and the state of Arizona.

In this blog post, we’ll review three reasons you should hire trained guards instead of untrained guards.

(Are you a security guard interested in learning more about this training program? Click here!)

Arizona Guard Card

A trained security guard knows the right decision to make in various scenarios.

#1. It’s the law

In the state of Arizona, a security guard company like ours needs to have all guards certified, trained, and registered before they can start work. This includes unarmed guards. Before you start work with any security guard company here in Phoenix, be sure to ask about their certifications and registrations.

This state requirement includes an 8-hour unarmed training course that all security guards must complete. The Arizona Guard Card program puts our security guards to the test through our training program, which is taught by true professionals and experts in the world of unarmed security.

#2. Good guards make all the difference

When a crime happens on your property, having a trained (and experienced) security guard can be a true difference-maker. Let’s explore why in this example:

You’re responsible for a construction project where, because of the nature of the project, potentially valuable tools and equipment need to be left on-site each and every night. Because of this, you’ve hired a security guard company to watch the property.

Early in the morning, a couple of shady looking characters enter the construction site and begin picking up equipment.

What the untrained security guard might do:

An untrained security guard might decide to directly confront them. Depending on the circumstances, this might be a bad idea: the guard might be inadvertently tipping the thieves off without backup, allowing them to get away with valuable goods. The guard could also set off a chase through the dangerous construction site where someone could get hurt. In a worst-case scenario, if the robbers are armed, the guard’s life could be in danger.

What the trained security guard might do:

A trained security guard, such as the ones at Affordable Security Guards, have the expertise needed to make a better call. Depending on the exact circumstances, the guard will probably call the police in the above scenario, so that the authorities can apprehend thieves without direct confrontation between the guard and the criminals. Then, the guard will write a detailed report that can assist in any police investigation and the recovery of stolen property.

It’s that kind of judgment call that makes the guards at Affordable Security Guards—trained by the Arizona Guard Card program—the best choice to work with your business.

#3. You don’t have to pay more for trained guards

Here’s the best part about guards trained through the Arizona Guard Card program: true to the name of our company, you’re not going to pay more for trained guards than you’d otherwise pay for untrained guards from another company. So, for the same price, why not get expertly trained guards?

Call us for Arizona Guard Card trained guards for your business

You don’t have to settle for untrained guards. By working with Arizona Guard Card, you’ll get some of the best unarmed security guards in the state, trained by the best guard training program in the state.

Learn more about our security guards, and contact us by giving us a call at (623) 428-2308

Here are 5 reasons to hire unarmed mall security guards

unarmed mall security guardsA security guard promotes safety and security within the premises. They ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone. If you are an owner of a shopping mall, it’s essential that you hire a reputable security guard. In this blog, we’ll argue that you should hire unarmed mall security guards from Affordable Security Guards, Inc.

Here are 5 reasons unarmed mall security guards just make sense:

1. They can monitor and protect property, stores, and customers

Security guards promote lawful behavior in shopping malls. Their presence in the mall will help everyone—from shop owners to shoppers—feel safer. The guard will patrol the area on foot to secure the building, look for disturbances, and maintain order. They will monitor the behavior of the individuals within the malls to ensure no one is breaking the law. They will lock and unlock the doors, monitor the area using surveillance camera, and report suspicious behaviors.

2. They can make criminals think twice

Security guards prevent crimes before they take place. They are on a lookout for suspicious behaviors. If any suspicious activity is detected, they will take appropriate and timely action to deter crime. Having security guards on the premises sends a negative signal to the criminals that they are not welcome. They can alert the local police force in case a crime is detected.

3. Provide emergency services and call authorities

Another benefit of hiring unarmed mall security guards is that they provide emergency services inside the premises if required. The security guards can respond to a medical emergency and provide first aid or call the nearest hospital.

They professional maintain radio communication with other security personnel on the premises. They can also submit verbal and written reports to company supervisors, as well as medical and law enforcement agencies.

4. Help customers and promote a friendly and safe environment

Security guards not just ensure security in the mall. They can also assist customers in finding the front desk or the right location. They can escort the customers to the parking area during the night. This customer service can help improve the reputation of the mall as a safe, family-friendly place.

5. Create a safe environment

Hiring security guards can help ensure safety and security of the shoppers and the shop owners. Professional guards genuinely care for the well-being of the individuals. They remain alert to any threat and perform necessary activities to deter crime.

Call Affordable Security Guards to hire unarmed mall security guards in Phoenix, AZ

When hiring security guards, make sure that you and the company providing the security guards are on the same page regarding roles and responsibilities of the guard. Consider selecting a professional company that has a team of highly trained and experienced security guards.

If you reside in Phoenix metro area, call Affordable Security Guards. We have a team of highly experienced and licensed security guards who can ensure perfect order within the shopping mall.

Here’s three important things to know about hiring security guards

Hiring Security GuardsSecurity guards can keep a place safe and secure for people. Whether you hire guards for a school or a shopping mall, apartment complex or an office, the benefits will far exceed the costs. Hiring security guards can help in achieving the goal of greater safety for people and property.

You need to keep in mind certain important things when hiring security guards. Here are three things that you should consider to ensure that you hire the right guard for the premises.

1. The type of protection needed

You should think about the safety requirements of the premises when selecting a particular type of guards. The size of the premises will determine the type of security guard services. A large area will obviously require more than one guard, while valuable property or sites might need constant surveillance.

Affordable Security Guards can help you figure out what your security needs are and plan accordingly.

2. The experience and training of the guards

When hiring security guards, make sure that they have an adequate level of training to handle emergency situations. For residents in Arizona, the best guards are trained at the Arizona Guard Card training program. That’s why Affordable Security Guards only hires guards out of this program.

If you’re hiring security guards in the Phoenix area, choose the best by getting graduates from the Arizona Guard Card program.

3. Do you need armed or unarmed guards?

Most people think, “Well, aren’t armed guards better?” The truth is that it depends on the type of security needed. There are many circumstances where unarmed guards—such as those employed by Affordable Security Guards—are a better fit. Despite not carrying any weapons, the mere presence of security guards at the premises can reduce the risk of crimes.

After all, one of the most important tools an effective unarmed guard carries is not a firearm, but a radio and phone. This allows them to report crimes to criminal authorities and make better decisions.

4. The cost of guard services

An important consideration when hiring the security guards is the cost. The cost will depend on the level of protection needed for the premises. For instance, armed guards cost more as compared to unarmed guards. When evaluating the costs, you need to consider the full picture and think about the benefits of the extra level of protection.

Call Affordable Security Guards for more on hiring security guards

If you want affordable and professional security guard services in the Phoenix metro area to protect your property, you can contact Affordable Security Guards.

Benefits Of Hiring Security Guards For Apartment Complex Security

Apartment Complex Security GuardsVandalism and burglaries are a common occurrence, particularly in urban areas. Hiring apartment complex security has become essential for both the landlord and the tenant.

Every landlord has the moral duty to ensure safety and protection of the tenants. Since most tenants prefer safe environments, the apartment’s rental value will increase due to the presence of security guards.

Security guards patrol the apartment complex to ensure safety of the residents. Hiring security guards offer various benefits to the owner of apartment complexes. Here are four benefits that security guards provide to the landlords and the tenants.

Ensure a safe and secure environment

Security guards guard the apartment complex and look out for criminals and burglars. Presence of uniformed guards at the premises prevents crime and illegal activity.

Even unarmed guards send a message to the criminals that the property is being watched and guarded. This makes the residents feel safe and secure at the residential property.

Diffuse criminal activity

Another benefit of hiring security guards is that they can promptly respond to an emergency situation. The guards can respond to any kind of threat. As long as they are properly equipped and qualified, they can act against any kind of criminal activity by calling the authorities.

Respond to domestic violence

Security guards can immediately respond to domestic violence. They can take measured and quick response to apprehend the perpetrator and stop the violence in its tract. In addition, the guards can provide evidence for litigation purposes later on.

In one incidence in 2014, a security guard saved the life of a domestic abuse victim by promptly calling the police. The testimony of the guard was used as evidence against the perpetrator of the crime who was charged with trespassing, assault, and evading arrest.

Customize to meet the needs of the residents

The landowner can hire security guards services according to the needs of the residents. Guards can be deployed for one to two shifts or 24/7. According to the apartment’s needs, armed or unarmed security guards can be hired to protect the property.

The guards are monitored, supported, and managed remotely by the supervisors. They can step up the security in case of presence of high profile guests such as corporate executives, government officials, and diplomats.

Also, certain areas of the complex can be guarded with extra vigilance. For instance, the guards can be made to keep an eye on the garages and parking lots particularly during the night. The added services may also include escorting the residents to the building.

Call Affordable Security for apartment complex security

In the end, when it comes to apartments, the stakes are high for residents and landowners. The landowners are legally required to ensure protection of all the residents and guests on their premises. They have a duty to take extra efforts in case of previous incident of violence at or near the property.

Apartment complex security guards can give a sense of security to the residents. If you want to hire guards in the Phoenix metro area, call Affordable Security Guards.

Unarmed security guards are often a better choice than armed ones. Here’s why.

Security is an issue for most businesses. Hiring armed or unarmed security guards offers a sense of security in knowing that the costly goods won’t be an easy target for the thieves, vandals, or others who seek to do your business harm.

Depending on the type and location of the business, a security guard can perform routine surveillance activities that can go a long way in ensuring that the business premise remains safe and secure.

Armed vs. Unarmed Security GuardsWhen hiring a security guard, a common question comes up: should you hire armed or unarmed security guards?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each of the options so that you can decide which is the better fit for your business’ needs.

Do you need armed security guards?

An armed security guard is trained and licensed to handle firearms. Armed security personnel carry a licensed firearm at all times. They are authorized to use the weapons when required.

At first glance, perhaps this seems like a better option. And armed security guards can be useful—depending on the situation. However, consider the nature of what you need guards for. If you’re just trying to protect a business or construction site from petty thieves or vandals, do you really need a guard to be armed?

Keep in mind that the unarmed guards at Affordable Security are trained to report crime or break-ins to the authorities.

When it comes to cost, armed guards generally cost more as compared to unarmed security personnel. Why? Armed guards usually have a law enforcement or military background, and there’s a premium for that. It is suggested that you should use armed guards only when you require protection of jewelry, artwork, money, or other valuable resources.

Unarmed security guards might be the best choice

Unarmed security guards are the ideal choice for most businesses looking to protect people, goods, and places. Apart from costing less to hire compared to armed guards, they also entail less liability and insurance issues.

The unarmed security guards at Affordable Security are highly trained professionals who keep a keen eye on the premise and then report any suspicious activity or crimes in progress, so that the authorities can handle the issue.

Bear in mind that many crimes can be deterred just by the active presence of guards. If you’re just looking to have someone protect your property from thieving or vandalism, an unarmed guard might be the right choice.

How to pick the right type of security guard for your business

Employing security guards that are properly screened can greatly help in making employees and the customers feel safe. They can deter potential threats of theft or vandalism that might occur on the premises. The benefits of hiring a security guard far outweigh the costs.

You must determine your own requirements before hiring security guards. Also, in some cases, the insurance policies specify that you can only use unarmed guards within the premises. That’s why it is important that you consult with your insurance provider to ensure that employing armed guards does not violate your insurance policies.

Choose Affordable for your security guard needs

Affordable Security Guards is a trusted provider of unarmed security personnel in the Phoenix metro. Our guards are licensed and trained to handle all types of security threats. We have partnered with Arizona Guard Card, which allow us to provide some of the best and highly trained security personnel in the state.

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