Campus security guards can help keep your school or college safe

When it comes to the protection of children in the schools, campus security guards can play an invaluable role. Hiring security guards can help ensure a safe and peaceful environment for students and teachers, which is particularly crucial for the healthy mental development of the children.

Campus Security GuardsSchool violence, vandalism, and theft have become a growing concern in educational facilities across the United States. Educational campus security guards can play a major role in preventing violence, deterring crime, and allowing students to learn and grow in a safe environment.

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of hiring security guards for the educational campuses, here are 3 reasons that will certainly make you change your mind.

1. Prevention of bullying

Studies have shown that having a security guard at the campus contributes to a healthy school environment. A study published in a journal in 2013 had shown that students that attend schools where security guards are present are less likely to report being victims of emotional or physical bullying.

This results in a more healthy school environment where the students can learn and have fun without any fear of being bullied.

2. Deter acts of violence

Security guards can greatly reduce the threat of student-on-student violence. They keep a strict eye on the surrounding and take quick action in the event of a threat. The guards will constantly patrol the area to detect signs of danger. Affordable Security’s experienced, unarmed guards can call in suspicious activity or threats.

3. Prevent vandalism of school property

Vandalism is another common concern for the educational institutes across the country. Vandals damage items such as windows, doors, benches, lights, and much more. They smear the walls with graffiti that costs a lot to clean off.

Having a campus security guard can help prevent vandalism from occurring on the premises. Constant monitoring and surveillance of the campus can ensure that the property is protected from vandalism, 24/7.

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