Benefits Of Hiring Security Guards For Apartment Complex Security

Apartment Complex Security GuardsVandalism and burglaries are a common occurrence, particularly in urban areas. Hiring apartment complex security has become essential for both the landlord and the tenant.

Every landlord has the moral duty to ensure safety and protection of the tenants. Since most tenants prefer safe environments, the apartment’s rental value will increase due to the presence of security guards.

Security guards patrol the apartment complex to ensure safety of the residents. Hiring security guards offer various benefits to the owner of apartment complexes. Here are four benefits that security guards provide to the landlords and the tenants.

Ensure a safe and secure environment

Security guards guard the apartment complex and look out for criminals and burglars. Presence of uniformed guards at the premises prevents crime and illegal activity.

Even unarmed guards send a message to the criminals that the property is being watched and guarded. This makes the residents feel safe and secure at the residential property.

Diffuse criminal activity

Another benefit of hiring security guards is that they can promptly respond to an emergency situation. The guards can respond to any kind of threat. As long as they are properly equipped and qualified, they can act against any kind of criminal activity by calling the authorities.

Respond to domestic violence

Security guards can immediately respond to domestic violence. They can take measured and quick response to apprehend the perpetrator and stop the violence in its tract. In addition, the guards can provide evidence for litigation purposes later on.

In one incidence in 2014, a security guard saved the life of a domestic abuse victim by promptly calling the police. The testimony of the guard was used as evidence against the perpetrator of the crime who was charged with trespassing, assault, and evading arrest.

Customize to meet the needs of the residents

The landowner can hire security guards services according to the needs of the residents. Guards can be deployed for one to two shifts or 24/7. According to the apartment’s needs, armed or unarmed security guards can be hired to protect the property.

The guards are monitored, supported, and managed remotely by the supervisors. They can step up the security in case of presence of high profile guests such as corporate executives, government officials, and diplomats.

Also, certain areas of the complex can be guarded with extra vigilance. For instance, the guards can be made to keep an eye on the garages and parking lots particularly during the night. The added services may also include escorting the residents to the building.

Call Affordable Security for apartment complex security

In the end, when it comes to apartments, the stakes are high for residents and landowners. The landowners are legally required to ensure protection of all the residents and guests on their premises. They have a duty to take extra efforts in case of previous incident of violence at or near the property.

Apartment complex security guards can give a sense of security to the residents. If you want to hire guards in the Phoenix metro area, call Affordable Security Guards.

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