Here’s three important things to know about hiring security guards

Hiring Security GuardsSecurity guards can keep a place safe and secure for people. Whether you hire guards for a school or a shopping mall, apartment complex or an office, the benefits will far exceed the costs. Hiring security guards can help in achieving the goal of greater safety for people and property.

You need to keep in mind certain important things when hiring security guards. Here are three things that you should consider to ensure that you hire the right guard for the premises.

1. The type of protection needed

You should think about the safety requirements of the premises when selecting a particular type of guards. The size of the premises will determine the type of security guard services. A large area will obviously require more than one guard, while valuable property or sites might need constant surveillance.

Affordable Security Guards can help you figure out what your security needs are and plan accordingly.

2. The experience and training of the guards

When hiring security guards, make sure that they have an adequate level of training to handle emergency situations. For residents in Arizona, the best guards are trained at the Arizona Guard Card training program. That’s why Affordable Security Guards only hires guards out of this program.

If you’re hiring security guards in the Phoenix area, choose the best by getting graduates from the Arizona Guard Card program.

3. Do you need armed or unarmed guards?

Most people think, “Well, aren’t armed guards better?” The truth is that it depends on the type of security needed. There are many circumstances where unarmed guards—such as those employed by Affordable Security Guards—are a better fit. Despite not carrying any weapons, the mere presence of security guards at the premises can reduce the risk of crimes.

After all, one of the most important tools an effective unarmed guard carries is not a firearm, but a radio and phone. This allows them to report crimes to criminal authorities and make better decisions.

4. The cost of guard services

An important consideration when hiring the security guards is the cost. The cost will depend on the level of protection needed for the premises. For instance, armed guards cost more as compared to unarmed guards. When evaluating the costs, you need to consider the full picture and think about the benefits of the extra level of protection.

Call Affordable Security Guards for more on hiring security guards

If you want affordable and professional security guard services in the Phoenix metro area to protect your property, you can contact Affordable Security Guards.

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