Benefits Of Hiring Security Guards For Apartment Complex Security

Apartment Complex Security GuardsVandalism and burglaries are a common occurrence, particularly in urban areas. Hiring apartment complex security has become essential for both the landlord and the tenant.

Every landlord has the moral duty to ensure safety and protection of the tenants. Since most tenants prefer safe environments, the apartment’s rental value will increase due to the presence of security guards.

Security guards patrol the apartment complex to ensure safety of the residents. Hiring security guards offer various benefits to the owner of apartment complexes. Here are four benefits that security guards provide to the landlords and the tenants.

Ensure a safe and secure environment

Security guards guard the apartment complex and look out for criminals and burglars. Presence of uniformed guards at the premises prevents crime and illegal activity.

Even unarmed guards send a message to the criminals that the property is being watched and guarded. This makes the residents feel safe and secure at the residential property.

Diffuse criminal activity

Another benefit of hiring security guards is that they can promptly respond to an emergency situation. The guards can respond to any kind of threat. As long as they are properly equipped and qualified, they can act against any kind of criminal activity by calling the authorities.

Respond to domestic violence

Security guards can immediately respond to domestic violence. They can take measured and quick response to apprehend the perpetrator and stop the violence in its tract. In addition, the guards can provide evidence for litigation purposes later on.

In one incidence in 2014, a security guard saved the life of a domestic abuse victim by promptly calling the police. The testimony of the guard was used as evidence against the perpetrator of the crime who was charged with trespassing, assault, and evading arrest.

Customize to meet the needs of the residents

The landowner can hire security guards services according to the needs of the residents. Guards can be deployed for one to two shifts or 24/7. According to the apartment’s needs, armed or unarmed security guards can be hired to protect the property.

The guards are monitored, supported, and managed remotely by the supervisors. They can step up the security in case of presence of high profile guests such as corporate executives, government officials, and diplomats.

Also, certain areas of the complex can be guarded with extra vigilance. For instance, the guards can be made to keep an eye on the garages and parking lots particularly during the night. The added services may also include escorting the residents to the building.

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In the end, when it comes to apartments, the stakes are high for residents and landowners. The landowners are legally required to ensure protection of all the residents and guests on their premises. They have a duty to take extra efforts in case of previous incident of violence at or near the property.

Apartment complex security guards can give a sense of security to the residents. If you want to hire guards in the Phoenix metro area, call Affordable Security Guards.

Unarmed security guards are often a better choice than armed ones. Here’s why.

Security is an issue for most businesses. Hiring armed or unarmed security guards offers a sense of security in knowing that the costly goods won’t be an easy target for the thieves, vandals, or others who seek to do your business harm.

Depending on the type and location of the business, a security guard can perform routine surveillance activities that can go a long way in ensuring that the business premise remains safe and secure.

Armed vs. Unarmed Security GuardsWhen hiring a security guard, a common question comes up: should you hire armed or unarmed security guards?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each of the options so that you can decide which is the better fit for your business’ needs.

Do you need armed security guards?

An armed security guard is trained and licensed to handle firearms. Armed security personnel carry a licensed firearm at all times. They are authorized to use the weapons when required.

At first glance, perhaps this seems like a better option. And armed security guards can be useful—depending on the situation. However, consider the nature of what you need guards for. If you’re just trying to protect a business or construction site from petty thieves or vandals, do you really need a guard to be armed?

Keep in mind that the unarmed guards at Affordable Security are trained to report crime or break-ins to the authorities.

When it comes to cost, armed guards generally cost more as compared to unarmed security personnel. Why? Armed guards usually have a law enforcement or military background, and there’s a premium for that. It is suggested that you should use armed guards only when you require protection of jewelry, artwork, money, or other valuable resources.

Unarmed security guards might be the best choice

Unarmed security guards are the ideal choice for most businesses looking to protect people, goods, and places. Apart from costing less to hire compared to armed guards, they also entail less liability and insurance issues.

The unarmed security guards at Affordable Security are highly trained professionals who keep a keen eye on the premise and then report any suspicious activity or crimes in progress, so that the authorities can handle the issue.

Bear in mind that many crimes can be deterred just by the active presence of guards. If you’re just looking to have someone protect your property from thieving or vandalism, an unarmed guard might be the right choice.

How to pick the right type of security guard for your business

Employing security guards that are properly screened can greatly help in making employees and the customers feel safe. They can deter potential threats of theft or vandalism that might occur on the premises. The benefits of hiring a security guard far outweigh the costs.

You must determine your own requirements before hiring security guards. Also, in some cases, the insurance policies specify that you can only use unarmed guards within the premises. That’s why it is important that you consult with your insurance provider to ensure that employing armed guards does not violate your insurance policies.

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Affordable Security Guards is a trusted provider of unarmed security personnel in the Phoenix metro. Our guards are licensed and trained to handle all types of security threats. We have partnered with Arizona Guard Card, which allow us to provide some of the best and highly trained security personnel in the state.

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Campus security guards can help keep your school or college safe

When it comes to the protection of children in the schools, campus security guards can play an invaluable role. Hiring security guards can help ensure a safe and peaceful environment for students and teachers, which is particularly crucial for the healthy mental development of the children.

Campus Security GuardsSchool violence, vandalism, and theft have become a growing concern in educational facilities across the United States. Educational campus security guards can play a major role in preventing violence, deterring crime, and allowing students to learn and grow in a safe environment.

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of hiring security guards for the educational campuses, here are 3 reasons that will certainly make you change your mind.

1. Prevention of bullying

Studies have shown that having a security guard at the campus contributes to a healthy school environment. A study published in a journal in 2013 had shown that students that attend schools where security guards are present are less likely to report being victims of emotional or physical bullying.

This results in a more healthy school environment where the students can learn and have fun without any fear of being bullied.

2. Deter acts of violence

Security guards can greatly reduce the threat of student-on-student violence. They keep a strict eye on the surrounding and take quick action in the event of a threat. The guards will constantly patrol the area to detect signs of danger. Affordable Security’s experienced, unarmed guards can call in suspicious activity or threats.

3. Prevent vandalism of school property

Vandalism is another common concern for the educational institutes across the country. Vandals damage items such as windows, doors, benches, lights, and much more. They smear the walls with graffiti that costs a lot to clean off.

Having a campus security guard can help prevent vandalism from occurring on the premises. Constant monitoring and surveillance of the campus can ensure that the property is protected from vandalism, 24/7.

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